You catch sight of your reflection and can’t help but smile.

That is the power of Blush Pro Makeup

About Blush

I began raiding my mom’s makeup bag when I was 9 and never wanted to leave that world of powder compacts and lipstick. The nostalgic smell of cosmetics and feeling of glamour, I was addicted! It has been my absolute dream come true to share this passion with many unique and wonderful women for more than 17 years.

“I truly believe that when you feel beautiful, you will feel confident and ready to make memories to treasure for a lifetime” ~ Candice

Blush Pro Makeup will capture the look that you want. Making every angle your best side.



Bridal Makeup

Beautiful, calm and radiant - that’s how you’ll feel as Candice works her magic. A makeup artist who is also your ally during a potentially stressful time - you can rely on Candice to keep you relaxed and looking your absolute best.

“You made us all feel like utter beauties!! Thank you for capturing exactly what each and every one of us wanted!! We felt like the best versions of ourselves, and my MOM!! Oh. My. Gosh!! You took 20 years off her AT LEAST!” ~ Giselle Van Niekerk

Special Occasion Makeup

Need to feel fabulous for a fashion shoot? Dazzle the onlookers at your Matric dance? Look rested for a family portrait? No matter the occasion, Candice has the tools and techniques to create dramatic, natural or demure makeup looks to suit you.

“We all looked like Supermodels!” ~ Kerry Foord

Hair Styling

Want to complete the look? Let Candice coif your locks to perfection with a variety of exquisite styles to choose from.

Air Brushing

If you’re looking for a red-carpet effect, airbrushing is for you! Candice uses top-of-the-range equipment to apply a flawless and matte layer of featherlight make-up. This method of application lasts up to 16 hours without any transference.

“All the ladies looked breathtaking. You are a true artist.” ~ Wendy Jones

Master The Art

Learning to apply makeup like a pro is one life skill that will pay off for years to come! Candice’s bespoke lessons and workshops will teach you all the tricks of the trade with a heavy dose of fun along the way.

“You were so friendly and professional it felt like we were long lost friends with zero awkwardness and lots of laughter.” ~ Denae Myburgh

Special Effects

Fancy dress your thang? Let Candice take your look to the next dimension with her bag of special effects tricks. Pretty, fantasy, gory or terrifying... she’s got you covered!